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How to change voice in VN Video Editor Step-By-Step Complete Guide

In the digital media era, video content is an important part of our lives. Video editing tools are most important whether you’re sharing content or making cool stuff. VN Mod APK is an amazing and popular tool that allows users to create stunning videos. One of many features of VN Mod APK, you can change the voice in video. This feature makes your video unique and interesting.

Change voice in VN Video Editor with VN LOGO

In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to change your voice in VN Mod APK, so with this, you can make your videos special. Before we start learning how to change the voice in VN Mod APK, let’s first understand the basics

What is VN Video Editor?

VN Video Editor Mod APK available on Android Play store and iOS, offers professional editing tools for vertical videos like YouTube reels, TikTok videos, and Instagram reels. It offers a wide range of editing options text, effects, filters, and changing voice.

How to change the Voice in VN Video Editor Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s get ready with the process of changing the Voice in VN Video Editor

Download VN Video Editor

Download and install the VN Video Editor Mod APK from VN Mod APK. Launch VN Video Editor on your device. Once installed, open the app.

Create or Import your Video Clip

Create a new project or import the existing video. Now, tap on the “new project” you want to edit.

Add your Video to the Timeline

Now import your video and add it to the timeline by dragging and dropping it. This action will direct you to the audio editing interface where you can make the adjustments.

Audio Options

Now access the audio options to change your voice in the video tap on the audio icon or options related to voice modification within this section.

Changing the Voice in VN Video Editor

Now that we’re in the audio editing interface, let’s move forward and change the voice

Select the voice effect

VN Mod APK offers various voice effects. Choose the specific voice effect you want to apply like changing the pitch. You have options like deep voice, chipmunk voice, robot voice, or custom one. Select the one that suits your video theme.

Adjust Voice settings

After selecting an effect, adjust tune settings like pitch, speed, and volume to customize your voice. Experiment with these settings and tools until you get final results.

Review and Save

Preview the modified video to ensure it fits your audio. When you’re happy with the results save your edited video. VN Mod APK allows you to save your video on your device and share it directly with your friends or social media platforms.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I change the voice in VN Video Editor?

Ans. You can change the voice by accessing the audio editing interface, selecting a voice effect, and adjusting the settings like pitch, speed, and volume.

Q2. Is VN Video Editor available for PC?

Ans. Yes, the VN Video editor is primarily designed for mobile devices and is available for PC android, and iOS.

Q3. Is VN Video Editor free to use? 

Ans. VN Video Editor has a free version with basic features but the Mod version offers you all premium features for advanced video editing. VN Video Editor Mod APK download from our website

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